Introduction to PACE

The Pacific Corridor Enterprise Council (PACE) was formed in 1989 as a non-profit, business organization to promote cross-border transactions and advocate the removal of barriers that impede the legitimate flow of people, goods and services across the Canada/USA border.

PACE fosters and works toward the development of mutually beneficial trade and travel policies, and the elimination of unnecessary legal and political barriers between the two nations.

PACE provides a forum for bringing together interested parties such as cross-border professionals, private enterprises, community and economic development organizations, governments and educational institutions who share a vision of expanded economic opportunities through cross-border trade.

PACE members represent a broad cross-section of business and community interests. We believe that international trade provides long-term economic benefits to businesses, as well as the communities they serve.

PACE serves as a medium for drawing together federal, state and provincial political leaders and government officials to meet with cross-border business people. This provides an opportunity for the business community to voice concerns and share information with government decision-makers.

PACE provides cross-border businesses with an influential voice by working with policy and lawmakers to remove barriers and impediments to cross-border trade and commerce.